About Me

It all started with a bottle of lotion. Over 8 years ago when I found out that my father was diagnosed with cancer he developed issues with his skin. Chemotherapy was causing him severely dry & itching skin issues that lead to rashes and bruising. None of the prescription medications or lotions brought any relief. This was the day EuniqueSkin became a vision for the future.

​We started this mission back in 2008. ​I took it upon myself to create a lotion that could bring my father relief and comfort. The next few months took tons of research and trial and error. Finally, I came up with a formulation that passed lab testing and was deemed usable. The process took longer due to my refusal to do animal testing. I received the thumbs up and created a bottle of the lotion for my father. Relief was finally his! My father was able to rest and be soothed and this was more than a true gift from God to see my father be able to rest without discomfort. I decided that my job was done. However ,my family had other ideas and that is how the core line was created.

It was at this time that I realized through my trial and error I had learned some very important things about product creation and development. I now had a new mission, one where I help entrepreneurs and small business owners launch their businesses and products without having to endure the same difficult path that I had.

I have had the pleasure of consulting and coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners for nearly a decade regarding product creation and development as well as business startup. My mission is to help others build the businesses and products of there dreams. Taking ideas from though to launch. Building your dreams don’t have to be difficult. I have made the mistakes and taken the hard road so you don’t have to, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.