About Us

At Eunique Inc. we help place people in a virtual workforce for some of the largest companies in the United States and the world.

At Eunique Inc. our mission is to help as many people as possible take control of their work life.

As a service partner with Arise Virtual Solutions, we can offer you an opportunity to provide services as an independently contracted at home call center agent. With Eunique Inc. you get an opportunity to work from home and reliable pay twice per month.

A Message from Eunique Inc.’s CEO & Founder, Latisha Sample

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in Eunique Inc.. We’re excited to help you achieve your dreams & goals for working from home. I am a work-from-home-mom & small business owner with an 12-year old daughter who stays extremely busy with in & out of school activities, along with a son whom is a new college student. while working outside of the home I thought that on top of making much needed income I would have time to spend with family and some type of flexibility. In fact I worked odd hours, never had flexibility in my work schedule and missed most of my son’s functions and outings when he was younger. Did I mention that the income was okay but when you look at the commute, taxes, lunches etc. It wasn’t as great as it seemed. The amount of money I was making was not worth the time and effort I had to put into it, including getting ready and the dreaded commute.

So, I decided to make an effort to find something that I could do from home that would afford me the flexibility I wanted and an income that could provide for my family. Now, I had worked from home before, the problem was those opportunities were not flexible. My mission became to find an opportunity that would give me flexibility, and income to sustain my family. So, I made the leap and left my job to take on this new life as a full time Work-From-Home-Mom. I immediately registered and signed up. I certified with my first client in about 30 days and started working right away! My goal is to grow my business and help other people to work from home on their own terms with the flexibility to have a life while making income from home.

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