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    Top 3 Keys To Advancing Past Fear In Building Your Business

    Top 3 Keys To Advancing Past Fear in your business._edited

    When deciding to go into business it is never easy to make a decision on where to go and what to do. That is one of the reasons that mentors and coaches exist. I want to share with you the top 3 keys to advancing past fear in building your business. My hope is that every entrepreneur and business owner out there will recognize the need for help and take the steps to seek it out.

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    Key #1

    Stop trying to reinvent the wheel! This is one of the main concepts discussed in my new book coming out later this year ”

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    This is the first book that will be released later this year from the new author Latisha Sample. In this writing she takes you from just thinking about your new business or product, to a plan of action. Filled with life experiences and useful tools to help entrepreneurs and new business owners ditch fear and move forward into your greatness!


    “. We spend so much time trying to figure out how to do it better than those before us and that is the wrong way to look at it. It is not about taking someone else’s ideas and seeing how you can make them better. It is about bringing that missing link that your ideal client needs to the forefront and showing how it will best work for him or her.

    Here is where I say stop trying to figure out how to reinvent the wheel and figure out what it is that the wheel is missing, and how you can bring that missing component to your audience. No fluff, no b.s. fill the need with the missing link. As we have shifted into such a social media driven world we as consumers are constantly looking for hat can fix that one thing we all are missing. You could even luck up and create something that I need and didn’t even know I was missing it until you brought it to my attention.

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    Who cares what they think? In business you have to have a tough skin!  There is no room to be a baby and wear your heart on your sleeve. You will hear no’s and there will be naysayers. Your mission is to trudge forward and make it happen. If you are easily swayed by the opinions of others than truth is business startups are probably not for you. I always share with my clients the importance of being transparent in the way you do business, be honest with yourself, and be able to move past those that dont understand nor want you to have any form of success.

    I could sit here and tell you that the whole world is on your side and that everyone is cheering for you to make it and proper in (insert industry  or product here), but truth is that would be a lie. There are those that will not help you because they are afraid that your light may shine just a little bit brighter than theres or that you may make them less significant or that you may do whatever it is that they do better. When you finally get comfortable with that reality, you have already won half of the battle. Not everyone is for you , and not everyone will help you. So, stop worrying about the naysayers and keep moving forward.

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    Key #3

    Be transparent and honest! There is no special way to say it but plainly! Be the kind of person that you would want to work with. For me I don’t sugar coat anything.  My clients know that I will give honest and direct answers to their questions. I am transparent in how I do business. There should be no room for misinterpretations.  When I was first starting out I remember a business coach I had expressed that I should not display my pricings on any of my sites or blogs. So I went along with it, truth is though I didn’t receive much business and by the time I got far enough into the process where my coach told me was where I should have pitched my pricing clients either felt duped  or mislead. I also found that I was putting a lot of time into clients that were not my ideal clients and that couldn’t always afford my services.

    I also feel that you should be pretty upfront with letting a client/customer know what they are receiving for their investment. Hiding your prices and making potential clients/customers search for products, services and prices will do nothing but lose you the sale and or a potential client. If you are scared to put your prices and what you offer for those prices out there then you might want to rethink what you are offering and your pricepoint!

    In The End You Determine What You Want To Put Out There For The World!

    Please remember that you are the keeper of your destiny.  There is a client out there waiting for you and your products and services. They need what you have to offer. So, please  speak up and be heard. Know that you don’t have to go the road alone. Coaches and strategist are out here  ready to help you be great!

    As a coach & strategist I can admit that I didn’t always want to admit that I needed help. I too tried to reinvent the wheel and made all the mistakes I did because I was so sure that I could go the road alone. If that was the case then coaches wouldn’t exist and coaches wouldn’t have their own coaches. We realize the need and it is one that we ourselves cannot fill so we go out and seek to fill that void akin to what your next client is doing. So, remember to ask questions don’t be afraid. Like I always say closed mouths will never get fed.


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    Happy National Trivia Day!

    Happy national trivia day_edited

    Happy National Trivia Day All! We are only a few days into the new year and momentum is still high. It seems like today would be a really great day to see if you know a little Business related trivia.


    How did you do? All of the answers are true. While coming up with this combination It made me think of something really important. History is important for a couple of reasons. First, you should know what has happened in history with your business and business in general. Researching the history of your past business ventures can help to give light on the direction that you may want to go forward in your business.  Secondly, the old adage about knowing history or be doomed to repeat them. Keeping track of failures help serve as a learning experience as well as cliff notes  on what should and not shoud be done regarding that particular business situation. It is always important to keep notes of you successes and failures, they all make you who you are in your business endeavours.

    So my motivational words for you on this epic day of National Trivia is : [ctt template=”5″ link=”5FcEQ” via=”yes” ]Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is. – Seth Godin @euniqueskin[/ctt]

    Be inspired today and everyday regardless of what happens. You can do this! It may not be easy but it is possible. Just keep pushing. Write on a sticky note one thing that you are most proud of, and post it somewhere you can see it. When you start your day look at your note, when you feel down look at your note. Point is let that be the focus to help push you through.


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    Learning What Your Money Smells Like.

    Learning What Your Money Smells Like_edited

    My hope is that the title caught your attention for all the right reasons. Truth is, this is a question that very few people ask themselves. When you finally figure out what your money smells like it is an enlightening and exciting time. so, lets get started and hopefully I can give you some insight into what I mean and you can figure out what your money smells like.

    It all starts with our first jobs or an allowance of some sort. With this new found money comes a plethora of opportunity and dream building. We start to see just what the world has to offer. when we make/earn that first dollar did you know that there is a “smell” associated with it? That’s right every dollar you earn and receive has a “smell associated” and thankfully the scent is different for all of us, that is what makes the world go around.

    The conversation started on one of the many trips back and forth from my son’s school on a break of some sort. As we were driving my youngest pointed out a cow pasture and a chicken coop. she stated that she didn’t know how anyone could live on a farm and deal with all those different smells, it just was way too much for her. I looked in the rear view mirror and I explained that is because her money smells different than that of a farmer. [ctt template=”5″ link=”akW68″ via=”yes” ]When you drive past a chicken coop, a cow pasture, a paper mill, and even a garbage dump you are smelling the sweet aroma of someone’s money. [/ctt]Luckily for you and I that is the best smelling money to someone, somewhere because it is what makes the world go round. Imagine if diffrent things didn’t call to different people. Where would we be without farmers and the sort? Thankfully, that is a world I will never have to envision.

    So, here we are and truth is now you need to determine what your money is going to smell like. We will start with a small group of questions that you may think are simple , but may be a little tricker than you think.

    1. What industry do you see yourself being in i.e. leisure & hospitality, construction, education,health or professional?(Be as specific as possible)
    2. What are your hobbies or recreational interest? (Remember be specific)
    3. what topics (top 4) could you talk about or research 24/7, where do your passions lay ?

    Now, I want to make a important point. These questions aren’t to state whether or not you should be trying to run a business. This is to determine where your passions lay and therefore clarifying what are/or subject matter could prove to be best suited for you and that great smelling money. For me my money smelled like lotion and hairspray at first. Actually, like lotion to be specific. My first business built for longevity was my skincare / makeup business. When I asked myself the above questions my business was the end result. For some of my clients the scent of their money is different from mine. Some, consist of cleaning businesses, consulting businesses, writers, daycare owners, restaurant owners, work at home staff, assistance, and researchers.  The main reason that I gave a couple of examples on what some of my client’s money smell like is to say that not everyone is cut out to do the same thing and not everyone wants to run a business. Truth is we all play an important part. The key is to have the ability to do what you love the most making your money the best way that works for you. Guess what, you may even change your mind as to what your money smells like, and that is okay. Regardless, take the time to figure it out. As yourself those questions and gain clarity into what that great thing is that you want to do.