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    Learning What Your Money Smells Like.

    Learning What Your Money Smells Like_edited

    My hope is that the title caught your attention for all the right reasons. Truth is, this is a question that very few people ask themselves. When you finally figure out what your money smells like it is an enlightening and exciting time. so, lets get started and hopefully I can give you some insight into what I mean and you can figure out what your money smells like.

    It all starts with our first jobs or an allowance of some sort. With this new found money comes a plethora of opportunity and dream building. We start to see just what the world has to offer. when we make/earn that first dollar did you know that there is a “smell” associated with it? That’s right every dollar you earn and receive has a “smell associated” and thankfully the scent is different for all of us, that is what makes the world go around.

    The conversation started on one of the many trips back and forth from my son’s school on a break of some sort. As we were driving my youngest pointed out a cow pasture and a chicken coop. she stated that she didn’t know how anyone could live on a farm and deal with all those different smells, it just was way too much for her. I looked in the rear view mirror and I explained that is because her money smells different than that of a farmer. [ctt template=”5″ link=”akW68″ via=”yes” ]When you drive past a chicken coop, a cow pasture, a paper mill, and even a garbage dump you are smelling the sweet aroma of someone’s money. [/ctt]Luckily for you and I that is the best smelling money to someone, somewhere because it is what makes the world go round. Imagine if diffrent things didn’t call to different people. Where would we be without farmers and the sort? Thankfully, that is a world I will never have to envision.

    So, here we are and truth is now you need to determine what your money is going to smell like. We will start with a small group of questions that you may think are simple , but may be a little tricker than you think.

    1. What industry do you see yourself being in i.e. leisure & hospitality, construction, education,health or professional?(Be as specific as possible)
    2. What are your hobbies or recreational interest? (Remember be specific)
    3. what topics (top 4) could you talk about or research 24/7, where do your passions lay ?

    Now, I want to make a important point. These questions aren’t to state whether or not you should be trying to run a business. This is to determine where your passions lay and therefore clarifying what are/or subject matter could prove to be best suited for you and that great smelling money. For me my money smelled like lotion and hairspray at first. Actually, like lotion to be specific. My first business built for longevity was my skincare / makeup business. When I asked myself the above questions my business was the end result. For some of my clients the scent of their money is different from mine. Some, consist of cleaning businesses, consulting businesses, writers, daycare owners, restaurant owners, work at home staff, assistance, and researchers.  The main reason that I gave a couple of examples on what some of my client’s money smell like is to say that not everyone is cut out to do the same thing and not everyone wants to run a business. Truth is we all play an important part. The key is to have the ability to do what you love the most making your money the best way that works for you. Guess what, you may even change your mind as to what your money smells like, and that is okay. Regardless, take the time to figure it out. As yourself those questions and gain clarity into what that great thing is that you want to do.