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  • Latisha Sample is no stranger to the trials and
    tribulations of the business startup and creating
    products that consumers really need and want.
    Starting her first business at the age of 18, Latisha has
    always strived to guide others in the pursuit of
    business ownership, product creation and the
    entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Latisha is in route to being one of the top go to women
    in consulting and strategy for small business startup,
    product creation and development, as well as the way
    to go from thought to launch in your life and business.
    With her ability to relate to audiences across a myriad
    of experiences, levels and goals her talks reach the
    audience regardless of differences and understanding.
  • Latisha’s speaking platform reveals a no nonsense
    approach to the truth behind startups, not
    reinventing the wheel , and practicing what you
    preach. Along with insight into product creation and
    how to build out of loss and grief.
  • Latisha’s Speaking Points:The pitfalls of the startup
    and how to avoid them,How to go “From Thought To
    Launch”, Creating Your First/Next Product, Stop
    Reinventing the Wheel! What most business owners
    won’t admit but is the truth behind their success, How
    to heal from loss and build from your grief, Product
    Creation 101, and Business Creation 101.

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